The Naming of Things

Updated: Mar 28

“What is distance? What is nearness? What will time teach us about it?” - from your letter. I’m sitting out here in the balcony to write this. Keeping my distance from the cats and the small dog who’s stressing them  out - and me - inside the apartment. My cave. Foremost in my mind is this thing about Time. How we have a lot of it now that the lockdown is forcing us to stay indoors. Being alone isn’t alien to me. I love my space and being the only human in it for now. At the same time, because of what’s happening, Time is more of a touch and go thing now. It’s more magnified now, this passing of Time. Right now as I write this, Time is brutally reminding me of lost opportunities to really connect with who my heart longs for. At the same Time, I also can’t allow myself to be stuck in lost moments because that means those moments never really existed. So I get up every time I’m done napping or sleeping. It’s easy to succumb to inaction. To just lay there and get buried with self-pity and I don’t want that mindset to rule me. I’ve always hated distance from who matters to me BUT AT THE SAME TIME, I also know I can’t stand being with so many people at any given time whether they’re family or not. I can’t and I won’t apologize for being this way. I get drained and I’ve learned how to manage my energy. Nearness with distance. Being selective with who I want to connect with and wanting proximity with them. The rest can stay as far away from me as possible. I hardly get in touch with people but those who know me enough know that I’m just here. A random thought: anyone can be near us yet be so distant. I don’t want this. It’s a dead feeling. And that’s it. My thoughts about your question. I’m pretty sure I’d have more thoughts coming in after I hit send. I hope you’re well where you are. Take care. - Maita or you can also call me Mark. —- Hi Mark or Maita (which do you truly feel is you?) —- Mark. This is me and the name I chose for myself. It’s simple - one syllable - and sure at the same time. — Dear Mark, Do you know the power in the naming of things? I want you to just stay with me a moment, I’m about to go into some weird, archetypal territory, but this is one of my favorite patterns in the Universe: the power in the naming of things. In Egyptian myth, Isis gained power over Ra, when she called him by his true name. In the old testament, Adam names animals, and so gains dominion over them. In fairytales, in folklore, in myth, to name an entity is to have power over it, and so a person who knows names is powerful — so demons are named in exorcisms and children are named when they are christened. This power is carried over in psychological practice. One important skill that is key to learning emotion regulation is the ability to name one’s feelings. To enrich the vocabulary - and by that I don’t mean to use more complicated words - but to be able to describe as accurately as possible, whether it’s by one word or a long description, what one feels. When one is able to say what one feels, it becomes less of this vague, unknown thing that may turn into something we dread. It becomes something we know and therefore have just a little bit more of a handle on. This does not just hold for unpleasant feelings, but for pleasant feelings as well. When we describe and recall pleasant feelings, we remember them better. And now look at you, naming yourself, and there is certainty in your naming. I want you to know, because maybe you have not yet realized this, how powerful an action that is. I write on this because I want you to see that in all this, you have yourself, your power, your name. Look, you know your pain, you know the dangers, you know who you miss and what you miss, you know what you yearn for, you know what you want, you know the space you need to be yourself, you know what you need to do to stay yourself. Others can be physically near you and yet be distant from you. Others can be in their bodies, yet distant to themselves. But here you are, experiencing this nearness to yourself. Only those who have this nearness can know their true names. That seems like a pretty good place to be. Yourself seems like a pretty good place to be. Here’s just me reminding you of these good things. As always, in Love and Truth, Moonshine

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