name me a love song

spare me the pleasantries, captain. i have

learned all there is to soaring. i know the

fever pitch of departure and ascension, the sweet

swelling cacophony of hearts beating and lungs buckling.

the turbulence is the least of my worries, really.

anyone foolish enough to brave this trust exercise

must have already allowed themselves wreckage.

though the sky may be a capricious vixen, i have

faith in you, captain. i shall welcome her outbursts

with grace and delight, metal arms outstretched,

human heart undaunted. save your sorry speech

for the thinkers, i refuse to hear another warning.

but what of the keeping afloat, captain? what of the

stretching hours of monotonous humming of

machine? how do we tell apart the endless

clouds of white? nobody speaks of what comes long after

the rush of the ascent, no stories told about what lies

beyond the tempest. write me a song for the second

round of meals, for when i ask for champagne with

my orange juice, for when i have become an extension

of my seat, tell me now, truly, what you love about flying.

8bitfiction | Est. 2010 | Be you. Do your best and love well.

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