after the world’s end

we stepped out to a standstill

on a definitive division line




a robbed future.

we didn’t call the cops.

we let the thieves run amok.

we took shelter in the ruins

and pretended it was home.

we baptized every rare thing we’ve found

with hand-me-down names that didn’t quite fit

and decided this will have to do for now,

surely, if we nurture them,

they will grow into it.

we called kindness love,

codependency companionship,

comfort safety,

passivity devotion.

before we knew it, these things awakened

and discarded their borrowed names,

revealing ourselves accomplices of the

very same sins we declared ourselves

casualties of.

each moment of silence i take here in the after

is an act of contrition.

may we be forgiven for our blunders in which

we found to withstand the stillness.

8bitfiction | Est. 2010 | Be you. Do your best and love well.

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