it’ll never work between the two of us.

still, we can make a fair exchange out of this.

take a leap of faith with me.

let’s sack this foreign city dry of careless

conviction. tonight, we will perform the greatest

act of entropy mankind will ever know.

do not write me love poems, goddammit, take

your clothes off quick. the unspoken truth behind

the first rule of combat is that courage reacts

with something in the air, oxidizes like a bottle

of beer that’s been left out for too long,

losing potency, losing spirit.

and isn’t that what this world does

to every thing it touches?

every breath we take a submission to decay.

tonight, we will have none of it!

closer now. monopolize your fate

with me. suspend your potential near to mine

enough that they sizzle.

we shall emerge from this cosmic collision

unchanged, unbroken, triumphant mischiefs

of war.

8bitfiction | Est. 2010 | Be you. Do your best and love well.

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