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It was three years ago, in a little corner over some beer, where this iteration of 8bitfiction began. We gathered together with the idea of creating and presenting an experience of life, health and, ultimately, art — as there was so much inauthenticity and lack of clarity in the messages out in the world about what it means to be truly one’s self.

So we set about trying to find just how we could do that. We tried creating shows, events, writing books, and releasing merchandise. Along the way, we kept being drawn to what we knew best, and that was going back to our own lives and our own stories - going back to how we were trying our best to live and be our own authentic selves.

And now we are here, 8bitfiction.com, our little home on the internet where we share our stories, our fictions, our little creations, our conversations, all in the hope that we lead ourselves and all those who share this with us, to the goal: to being ourselves.

We become who we are, so you can be you.

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